The Art of Crafting Cocktails

with Giacomo Giannotti

AKI is excited to invite you to a night of mixology magic with Paradiso – listed as one of the world's best bars, located in Barcelona, Spain.
From a masterclass showing some of the cocktails that put Paradiso at the top of the 50 Best Bars to an AKI bar takeover tasting some of these bespoke cocktails carefully crafted by Giacomo Giannotti, discover more below.


Giacomo Giannotti

Paradiso  |  Barcelona, Spain

Originally from Tuscany, Giacomo Giannotti grew up in the family gelateria. Following his passion for mixology, he decided to fly first to London, to settle then in Barcelona. Here, in 2015,  he opened Paradiso – currently 4th best bar in the world for The World’s 50 Best Bars 2023 and 1st one for The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – Paradiso Lab project and a second cocktail Bar, Galileo. As his latest project, in 2022 he opened Monk, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar just a stone’s throw from Paradiso

Paradiso is currently, awarded as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars currently ranked at #4 in 2023 and was ranked as #1 in 2022.


Event Details

The fourth event of it’s kind in Malta, aimed at educating & entertaining through the art of mixology

19th January 2024


Guest’s Master Class 6.00pm – Ticketed Entry

We shall be opening this event to all local mixology enthusiasts who would like to attend. Starting with a introduction and discussion of the history and philosophy of the craft, this will then lead the way to a live demonstration of crafting some of the world’s best cocktails that put Giacomo Giannotti’s Paradiso on the 50 Best.
A tasting will follow suit along with an interactive Q & A session.

Bar Takeover – 8:00pmTicketed Entry 

Giacomo will take over AKI’s main bar and will have a special cocktail menu that can be enjoyed by AKI’s patrons dining in. An opportunity to mingle and interact with guests will follow.