Internationally renowned artist Austin Camilleri drew inspiration from Japanese culture for his recent sculpture installation at Valletta’s prominent restaurant AKI. The 4.8m wide, 110kg sculpture is a private commission, reflecting the restaurant’s contemporary approach to Japanese cuisine.

Camilleri’s innovative work, named Gōrudo (meaning gold in Japanese), intertwines Japanese culture, Zen Buddhism, and a return to nature. Influenced by bamboo and the bonsai tree tradition symbolizing harmony, the sculpture embraces the minimalist design of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

Camilleri revisits his past artistic endeavors, incorporating gilding reminiscent of his earlier works, such as the exhibited Untitled in Musee Botanique and the 1999 Stones installations in gold leaf off the Maltese coast. AKI’s Gōrudo sculpture adds sophistication to the restaurant’s ambiance, standing as a contemporary masterpiece deserving recognition in the local art scene.

Speed is a multi-disciplinary artist who is currently focused on neon painting, an illuminated dance of light and shadows which results in dramatic-yet-happy works.

His works can be found around the world, with most pieces based in London and others found in cultural hotspots like Lyon and Seattle, and now Malta!

London Artist David Speed paints gorgeous mural at popular Japanese spot AKI

Malta based photographer and creative director 

Kris Micallef is an award-winning photographer based in Malta whose ability to catch the essence of his subject has made him a coveted and sought after artist right throughout Europe. Having just completed his degree in Architecture, Kris is clever in using light, colour, angles and form to enhance his photography whilst excelling in the portrayal of his focus; either being fashion, advertising, landscape or portraiture.

Kris’ work has been published worldwide and he has worked with some of the biggest fashion designers, labels and advertising agencies globally. His work is bold and raw and his use of vibrant, crisp colours makes this young, talented artist enjoy experimenting with the true core of his art.

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