AKI  X  Super Lyan

The Art of Crafting Cocktails

with Super Lyan

AKI is thrilled to invite you to a multi-day collaboration with Super Lyan – one of the world’s best bars located in Amsterdam. From a masterclass showing some of the cocktails to a bar takeover tasting some of bespoke cocktails.


Ryan Chetiyawardana

White Lyan in Super Lyan, Dandelyan, Cub, Lyaness, Silver Lyan and Seed Library

Ryan Chetiyawardana (A.K.A Mr Lyan) has been involved in several of the world’s best bars for over two decades. He helped take the last six of these onto national and international titles and all featured in the ‘World’s Best Bars’ list for 50 Best. In 2017, his bar Dandelyan was named “World’s Best Bar” by Tales of the Cocktail, then named “World’s Best Bar” in 2018 by 50 Best Bars. He has been named UK bartender of the Year twice and in 2015 was named ‘International Bartender of the Year’. In 2019, Ryan was named No 5 in the Business Insider most influential figures globally in food & drink, and was named in the inaugural Bar World 100 as the most influential figure in drink around the world by Drinks International. In 2020, Ryan joined the 85+ world leading experts when he launched his first series as a MasterClass instructor.

Pierre Louafi

Head Bartender | Super Lyan

I embarked on my journey in the realm of hospitality influenced by my family’s longstanding connection to the industry. Growing up, I was immersed in the world of hospitality in various capacities. In 2018, I took my initial steps into the bar scene in Budapest, and my passion for mixology and bar work ignited. This enthusiasm carried me to Amsterdam in 2019, where I found myself behind the bar of an Indonesian restaurant. Subsequently, my professional journey unfolded across diverse settings, encompassing hotels, bars, and even clubs. It was in March of 2022 that I joined the team at Super Lyan, and since then, my journey has been one

Krisztian Szabo

Bartender | Super Lyan

I was born in Ukraine and discovered my passion for the bar industry at a young age. By the time I turned 17, I had already gained valuable experience working in hotels. Upon relocating to the Netherlands, I immersed myself in the vibrant world of mixology, landing a position in a small cocktail bar that primarily focused on gin-based cocktails and jenevers. As my enthusiasm for bartending grew, so did my ambition. Seeking new challenges, I made my way to Amsterdam and became a proud member of the Kimpton De Witt family. Initially, I started my journey at the Celia restaurant as a bartender. However, my heart was always set on the Super Lyan bar. Having dedicated nearly a year to the Lyan bar, I can confidently say that it has been a fulfilling and enriching experience. My time here has only deepened my love for the craft, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Super Lyan.


Event Details

The fifth event of it’s kind in Malta, aimed at educating & entertaining through the art of mixology

Friday 23rd February 2024


Guest’s Master Class 6.00pm – Ticketed Entry

We shall be opening this event to all local mixology enthusiasts who would like to attend. Starting with a introduction and discussion of the history and philosophy of the craft, this will then lead the way to a live demonstration of crafting some of the world’s best cocktails that put Lyaness.

A tasting will follow suit along with an interactive Q & A session.

Bar Takeover – 8:00pmTicketed Entry 

Pierre & Krisztian will take over AKI’s main bar and will have a special cocktail menu that can be enjoyed by AKI’s patrons dining in. An opportunity to mingle and interact with guests will follow.